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DRAMA CLASSES - THURSDAY (5.00pm-6.00pm) 6-11 YEARS

Drama classes at Born to Perform are a fantastic way for children to build confidence and improve their social skills by interacting with fellow peers. The duration of the lesson is one hour and during that time the children will work on a variety of drama based activities. In classes, we explore all aspects of drama and the students participate in scripted work, vocal technique, improvisation, physical theatre, drama theory, stage craft and audition technique. Our drama classes encourage even the shyest of students to let their voice be heard and we work closely with them every step of the way. Additionally, for those students who would like to challenge themselves or pursue a career in the arts, we offer the LAMDA Acting qualification and performing opportunities at local speech and drama festivals. 



BORN TO PERFORM STAGE SCHOOL - SATURDAY (6-11 YEARS 2.00pm-5.00pm) / (11+ YEARS 3.00pm-6:00pm)

*Each lesson is 50 minutes 



Drama is a pivotal part of our Saturday stage school as the students will use what they learn in drama to bring songs and dances to life in other lessons. To begin every lesson, we use a variety of drama activities and exercises to engage the students and get them focussed. After this, we work on script work, improvisations and drama theory. The class also teaches the students about stage craft, vocal technique, physical theatre and audition technique and preparation. During these lessons, the student will work closely with others to prepare short scenes and improvisations; so teamwork is very important. Moreover, drama builds confidence in our students and inspires them to take on new challenges and interact more with others. We welcome students of all different abilities/levels and work closely with them at their own pace. Additionally, we offer the LAMDA Acting Qualification and opportunities to perform at speech and drama festivals for students that want to partake. 




Our singing classes at Born to Perform Stage School focus on vocal technique and voice control. We use a variety of breathing techniques and vocal warm-ups to enhance the definition and clarity of the voice and expand the vocal range. We also work on the tone, vibrato and projection of the voice. Singing classes are also a great way to boost confidence levels by partaking in solo work. We sing a range of songs from lots of different genres; such as rock, pop, musical theatre, gospel, jazz and choral work. The lessons also involve harmony arrangements, group and solo singing. Every singing student is given the opportunity to take part in solo work but we understand that this is not for everyone and support all abilities. 




Dance is a great part of our Saturday school. It gives the students a chance to combine all three of the performing art disciplines that we teach. Our dance class is mainly focussed on two styles: musical theatre and jazz. These styles are very popular with the students of today and are a fantastic way to introduce beginners in to the world of dance. During the lesson, the students will work on their dance technique, choreography skills and learn weekly routines. The students are also given regular opportunities to improvise and choreograph their own routines which will then be performed in class. At Born to Perform, dance is not just about moving to the music but the story and character behind the performance too. 



Born to Perform Minis runs from 12.30pm-2.00pm and is for students aged 4-6 years. The session combines dance, drama and singing and we cover a variety of songs, dances and character work for the children to engage with. The Minis group is a really fun and creative place for our younger students to be gently introduced to the performing arts and make new friends with their classmates. The classes involve drama exercises/activities, working on musical theatre songs with dance/movement and basic character and story work. Our minis have an amazing time performing stage numbers, re-creating and acting short stories and working as a team at Born to Perform Stage School. 

*Born To Perform stage school invites parents, families and friends to attend regular performances as well as our annual Summer Musical





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