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Drama competition is an annual event at Born to Perform Stage School and a wonderful opportunity for the students to show off their acting skills in front of a guest judge. We host the competition each year and invite an artist from the performing arts industry to come and judge for us. The students are awarded with medals and certificates and get the amazing chance for some personal feedback from our professional judge. The competition is a great way to gain public speaking skills, boost confidence or to get some more experience of performing on stage. Entrants can either enter solo or in a duo and Miss Gabby provides all of the students with their scripts and pieces of verse. The competition is not compulsory and as for all of our school opportunities, the students can decide for themselves if they would like to partake or not.



Our Summer School occurs every year during the month of August and is always a popular event amongst our students and outside children also. The week consists of workshops and classes that are designed to suit the students and correspond with our musical show’s theme. Every year we perform a different abridged version of a famous film or theatre musical to friends and family at the end of the five-day week. In previous years we have had stage combat and clowning workshops, face painting and stage makeup master classes and lots of other fun activities too! At the end of the course, all students will perform in the end of the week show, which will have songs, dances and scenes from the chosen musical. It is a brilliant week of enjoyment and laughter and the students learn so much whilst making new friends and engaging with others.



The Sevenoaks Arts Festival is an outside annual Festival, which we offer to all of our students at Born to Perform Stage School. Well-known and popular with Adjudicators and competitors as friendly and enthusiastic, the Festival draws entries from all over the South-East.  Many have gone on to become successful professionals and some are now entering their pupils in the Festival, knowing the benefits and experience they can gain and the sheer enjoyment of performing in front of an audience. The Festival is a great opportunity to experience performing alongside new individuals and to gain more of an insight into the performing arts world beyond our school. There is something for everyone at the Festival as there are so many speech categories to chose from such as, prose reading, verse, monologue acting, public speaking and many more. Entrants are given marks and feedback from the Adjudicators which can be a useful way to help the performer better their stage technique and overall performance skills. There is also an award ceremony for students that have gained the highest overall marks in their category. Overall, this is a prestigious and enjoyable Festival to be part of and it is not compulsory to our students but highly encouraged.

"Born To Perform has given me confidence and the skills to perform on stage. I love attending my Saturday classes and seeing my friends each week! We have the best time and all of the teachers are really nice".

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